CeraTest 2k

The all-rounder for testing ceramic materials and implants

Semi-automated testing of ceramic material samples and implants

The newly developed testing system CeraTest 2k makes it possible to test ceramic materials partially automatically. It’s a fast, reproducible and user-autonomous solution.

The system is particularly expedient for the testing of zirconium oxide and all ceramic materials. A special testing process allows users to conduct serial testing at breathtaking speeds.

Two essential functions implemented in one device

  • Determination of the static breaking load
  • Performance of permanent swing tests in the dynamic operating mode
CeraTest 2k
Quickly perform various categories of load tests.
Execution of permanent swing tests in dynamic operating mode.
Funded and supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. 
A fast, reproducible and user-autonomous solution.
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The maximum attainable load during static testing is 2kN. A sinusoidal force profile -with maximum and minimum limits that can be user defined- is available for dynamic testing. The load frequency ranges from 1Hz to 15Hz.

Automated testing processes make it possible to quickly perform various categories of load tests. For instance, the application software already includes functions for long-time and staircase tests.

The device comes with two sample fixtures for the 3- and 4-point bending test according to ISO 6872. Dimensions of specimen are 3x4mm with a lenght of 50mm. An insert for the bi-axial bending test as well as holders for crowns, bridges, etc. are available.

Tests may be performed in dry environments or immersed into water. All relevant data is recorded during this process, such as the force progression depending on the number of cycles (staircase), as well as the tensioning/expansion or the force/path diagram. The integrated report function makes it easy to archive the results.

The German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy sponsored the development of this device under funding ID ZF4205801AG6.
Static And Dynamic Testing In A Single Devic