Chewing Simulator CS-4.2

Inexpensive and compact with 2 test stations

Various tests of dental materials - inexpensive and flexible.


Perform these and more tasks with our CS-4.2
  • Determination of wear resistance of composites
  • Fracture resistance of crowns, bridges, and implants
  • Simulation of bruxism to test occlusal splints
The new Chewing Simulator CS-4.2 by SD Mechatronik is a universal device to carry out these and other tests reliably and quickly. Special importance has been given to mechanical stability while developing it, ensuring that the results are maintained during extended operations as well.

Functional principle

Kausimulator-CS 4-2
Two motor driven axles simulate different motion patterns. One axle moves the table on which the specimen chambers are mounted. The second axle lifts and sinks a traverse with weights. The weights loads the antagonists and generate contact pressure during the abrasive motion. The weight can be determined by the user. The traverse paths of the axles and the speeds can also be set independently from each other. It is possible to move either both the axles, or only one of them (e.g. for bruxism simulation). The various possible settings make the Chewing Simulator CS-4.2 a highly universal and versatile device for your laboratory.
The chewing simulation in line with this procedure constitutes a standard which is applied on a worldwide basis in universities, dental clinics and by manufacturers.

Key Details

  • WILLYTEC technology recognised and proven on a worldwide basis.
  • Continuous operation is possible for long duration trials due to the robust construction and use of high-quality components.
  • High degree of reproducibility of the results: the construction used ensures identical kinematic conditions in each specimen chamber
  • Excellent kinematics due to directly linked servo motors in both axes
  • Can be used in all situations, and the specimen chambers can be used either with or without water fill.

Technical Information

  • Power supply 110V~ to 230V~, 50/60Hz, max. 60W
  • Precise weights (accurate to within 0.1%) for each specimen chamber
  • Specimen holders and antagonists are compatible with the WILLYTEC system
Feature Summary
CS-4.2 economy, CS-4.4 economy,
CS-4.4 professional, CS-4.8 professional