Force and wear measurement PM-3

3-axis force and wear measurement for chewing simulators

3-dimensional measurement of forces during simulation

The newly developed force and wear measuring system PM-3 can be used in all professional line chewing simulators. It allows one- or three-dimensional measurement of the forces during the simulation. A pre-loaded and accurately calibrated piezo-sensor is mounted instead of the antagonist. It can be installed in a few easy steps in any sample chamber. The sensor the contact force of the antagonist, or additionally the force components in x- and y-direction during the lateral movement. Using the graphical user interface, the measurements can be visualized vividly.
Up to 8 displacement sensors can be attached to the measuring electronics. These sensors detect material loss from both, specimen and antagonist separately. This will give you valuable information about the wear behavoir of the specimen vs. chewing cycles.
Use in all chewing simulators.
Automatic determination of minimum and maximum values.
Filter functions to minimize artifacts
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Additionally, the following analysis functions can be performed for each axis:
  • Automatic detection of minimum and maximum values
  • Zoom function for detailed display of signal sections
  • Signal filtering to minimize artifacts
  • Data storage and export to MS Excel
  • Real-time display of all measuring channels for quick evaluation of the force conditions during the simulation
The force sensor, based on piezo technology, supplies precise and reproducible results from low- to high frequency signals components. The downstream AD converter samples the sensor signal with up to 8 kHz, thus also capturing equipment vibrations or alterations of the sample surface during the test. Thereby, the user gets a powerful measuring system for the detailed analysis of the processes occurring during the mastication simulation.
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Wear &  Force Measuring Unit PM-3
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Force and Wear Measurement for Chewing Simulators