Thermocycling TC-4

The ideal addition to any chewing simulator in the Professional

Simultaneous execution of chewing simulation and thermal cycling

Our TC-4 thermocycling unit is the ideal addition to any professional line chewing simulator. Save valuable time by carrying out chewing simulation and thermocycling simultaneously.

The TC-4 enables you to flush 4 or 8 test chambers with hot and cold water. The temperature range is 4°C to 25°C for the cold cycle and 35°C to 60°C for the hot cycle. The temperatures and the flushing period can be set by the user. Two powerful pumps provide adequate circulation in the test chambers during the flushing process. The temperatures are kept at the target values by an integrated heating system and a cooling unit.

The design of the device is stable enough to allow chewing simulators containing up to 8 chambers to be installed on top of it. The system is conveniently controlled via the touchscreen of the chewing simulator. The thermocycling system can also be added after purchase of a chewing simulator.
Kausimulator CS-4.8
Thermocycling TC-4
Very stable construction of the device
Thermocycling TC-4
Thermocycling TC-4
Open device with powerful and maintenance-free
Thermocycling TC-4
Thermocycling TC-4
Universally applicable device for the temperature
control of external, open vessels.
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The thermocycling system is an all-purpose device for the temperature testing of external, open vessels. We will be pleased to advise you about any adjustments that are required for your specific application!

Key Details

  • Excellent temperature stability even in the case of cycle times as short as 30 seconds
  • Adjustable rate of water inflow into the chambers
  • Low-noise operation, only 63 dB(A)
  • High-performance, maintenance-free pumps
  • Reduced energy consumption compared with older versions
  • Sturdy, corrosion-resistant housing with detachable front doors
  • Operation without chewing simulation is possible, reducing the need for external thermocyclers
Thermocycling TC-4