3-Media Abrasion Machine TMA-1

Flexible ACTA machine for precise three-body wear tests

Efficient and time-saving

This flexible De Gee-type ACTA machine allows precise 3-body wear tests (tribo-abrasion). In conjunction with the TMAM-1, it provides you with a complete system for high-precision abrasion, measurement, and analysis of the data.
Functional principle
A specimen wheel with 12 separate chambers is filled with the materials to be tested. The machine has a device with the help of which the filled wheel is ground to a perfect circle. The abrasion is produced by a hardened antagonist wheel made of special steel and by the medium used. 
Various parameters such as the distance between the wheels, the rotational speed and the direction of rotation as well as the contact pressure can be easily and precisely adjusted so that very exact wear tests can be flexibly carried out with a whole variety of combinations of materials.
Flexible ACTA-Maschine
Efficient and time-saving
Flexible ACTA-Maschine
 Maintenance-free for trouble-free operation for years.
Flexible ACTA-Maschine
Solid construction and use of high quality industrial
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Key Details

  • Efficient and time-saving with simultaneous processing of up to 12 material specimens
  • Grinding-in function for fine circular grinding of prepared specimen wheels
  • A high level of automation
  • Automatic analysis of the measurement results in the system with TMAM-1
  • Maintenance-free for trouble-free operation over many years: robust construction, use of high-quality industrial components and careful assembly and setting
  • Easy to use

Technical information

  • Contact pressure adjustable from 0 to 50N
  • Rotation speed of both motors variable from 0 to 250 rpm
  • Stopping and reverse operation of one motor possible
  • Specimen wheel with 12 specimen chambers for various materials
  • Cylindrical grinding wheel for grinding the specimen wheel in; grinding-in process supported by the software
  • Auto-stop facility when preset parameters are reached
  • Cycle counter