Independent Test Laboratory for
Medical Materials and

SD Mechatronik. Fast, efficient, norm-compliant since 2006.


We help with the development and quality control of medical devices.
Provide evidence of how well your medical device performs – with processes that were specially developed for dental materials! Our key activities:
  • Testing in accordance with ISO 20795, 19736, 14801, 14569, 11609, 10477, 7491, 6872
  • Abrasion resistance and breaking strength
  • Solubility and water absorption
  • Consulting, design and performance of client-specific tests
  • Tech support for students working on their Master’s theses or dissertations

Implementation of the EU Medical Device Regulation (MDR)

We offer you the following services to help you implement the MDR:
  • Studies during the development phase
  • Studies required for PMS/PMCF as set out in the MDR
  • Quality control of current production
  • Performance comparisons with competing products

Tests for Industrial Clients

For our industrial clients, we test structural elements and components using special procedures:
  • Fatigue strength/dynamic mechanical analyses
  • Lifespan of contacts, latches, closures etc.
  • Combined procedures such as multi-axis mechanical and electrical testing
  • Non-destructive testing with x-ray microtomography
  • 3D comparisons, reverse engineering, STL data generation of inaccessible components
  • Residual dirt analysis, technical cleanliness in accordance with VDA-19 and adherence of residual oil
  • Optical measurement of surface roughness
  • Microtensile tests to determine contact forces, latching forces etc.
  • Thermal shock, thermal load change, climate chamber 
"We use several test devices simultaneously to make sure you get safe, reliable results as quickly as possible."
– Sebastian Duy, Managing Director
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We offer companies a service encompassing the performance of
various tests. Draw on our experience and resources to get results in the shortest possible time without investing in machinery!
  • No investment, operating and maintenance costs
  • High availability of the devices and quick reaction to your request
  • High level of expertise and excellent understanding of the devices


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