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We pay great importance to a professional, well-founded promotion of young people and talents. That is why we offer our services to students and learners on special terms. Whether you have questions about the study design or information about the testing of materials, we are happy to support you.
Our equipment:
  • Chewing simulators with thermal cycling, wear measurement, force measurement
  • Dynamic fatigue testing of ceramic / zirconium oxide with up to 15Hz
  • Bending strength test according to ISO 6872 with 3/4 point bending or biaxial
  • Dynamic fatigue test on ceramic / zirconium oxide with up to 1kN @ 15Hz, 3/4-point bend or biaxial
  • Cyclic load tests on occlusal splints, correction products etc. with multi-axis, force-controlled movement
  • Micro tensile tests, determination of pulling forces, adhesive forces etc. up to 1kN
  • Triboabrasion according to ACTA ISO / TR 14569-2
  • Toothbrush simulation according to ISO / TR 14569-1
  • Non-contact optical wear analysis, 3D comparisons
  • Dynamic fatigue testing of implants according to EN ISO 14801
  • Documentation and surface analysis (roughness, shape deviation, etc.) with Keyence VHX-6000 digital microscope
  • Exact geometric measurement of samples with Keyence profile projector
    SkyScan µCT for pore analysis, determination of internal defects as well as for 3D comparisons
  • Spectrometry for color analysis
  • Performance and tool life of dental drills
CeraTest 2K
The all-rounder for testing ceramic materials and implants. Das neu entwickelte Prüfsystem CeraTest erlaubt die teilautomatisierte Prüfung keramischer Werkstoffproben sowie Implantate nach ISO 14801:2016. Schnell, reproduzierbar, und Anwender-unabhängig.
Laser Scanner LAS-20
The compact and easy-to-use measuring device especially for dental materials research. SD Mechatronik introduces with the new LAS-20 a precise, extremely compact and easy to use measurement instrument for dental materials research.
Low-load testing machine MTD-500
For a universal variety of test methods. The MDT-500 low-load testing machine can be universally used for a multitude of testing procedures on a whole variety of materials and components.
Your benefit:
Whether questions about study design or information about testing materials. We offer students extensive opportunities to support projects.
  • Various services at special rates
  • Professional support for students
  • Support for questions about study design or information about exams


Do you have any questions about performing tests or test equipment? Would you like to know more about our services? Do not hesitate and contact us now. We're here to help. Simply fill out the form. We will get back to you as soon as possible. You are also welcome to call us.


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