Enossale Dentalimplantate
ISO 14801​

Fatigue Tests für Dentalimplantate: Wie wir Ihre Produkte nach ISO 14801 prüfen

When tested according to ISO 14801, endosseous dental implant systems are subjected to a fatigue test. This determines which loads can be survived and for how long. The result is recorded in the form of a Wöhler curve. The test can be carried out dry or in medium (saline solution). The loading frequency is 2 or 15 Hz.
Geprüft werden Implantatkörper, Abutments und deren Befestigungsschrauben.

Our services:

  • ISO/IEC 17025 accredited test
  • Production of implant-specific recordings and loading attachments
  • Standard-compliant embedding and measurement
  • Damage analysis
  • Fast and cost-efficient testing through currently 15 testing stations


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